German Financing of Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Projects in China
Mr. Oskar von Maltzan
, KfW

Mobility and Transportation: Solutions for Future Megacities
Dr. Wulf-Holger Arndt
, TU Berlin

Introducing the German S-Bahn System to Chongqing
Mr. Tilo Franz
, Hamburg-Consult

Opportunities and Challenges in the Adoption of PPP in the New Type of Urbanisation 
Mr. Zhang Yue
, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, P. R. China

Promoting International Wastewater Activities
Dr. Ulrich Katenkamp, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany 

Semi-Centralised Supply and Treatment Systems for Fast-Growing Areas
Prof. Dai Xiaohu
, Tongji University

Solid Waste Incineration Project in Hefei
Ms. Xiao Lan
, China National Environmental Protection Corporation